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"The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom..."

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Despite the differences in doctrines and practices among Christian-professing churches and the claim of each one to being of God, almost all, if not all of them, agree, that it is man's inherent duty to serve his Creator.

That being said, I have always wondered how I could glorify the Lord in everything I do. Since most of the time, I am caught up in my blogging chores, I have often thought of how I could incorporate blogging and all at the same time give all the praises to Him for every blessings that He bestowed upon me.
Such thoughts found an answer via an electonic mail sent to me by one of my BFF's in the person of Uncle Che of AZ Blogging. He invited me to be one of the contributors for the Entrecard 4 Religion blog. It came so timely that I got so ecstatic! I even volunteered to do the dropping chores in his behalf.
At first, I thought we will get to post entries for this blog. I even wrote my first write up from there entitled "On Religion". But Uncle Che made it known that EC for Religion is not an informational site. Rather, "all we have to do is raise credits, and look for some religious blogs to help promote. We will have to encourage people to add their religious blogs and also encourage Entrecarders to donate credits to promote these particular blogs. To make everything clear and transparent, we will be maintaining the progress reports to tell the world exactly how we are using the credits".
I think promoting religious blogs is one good move to make it known in the entire blogosphere that there is one Supreme Being that is more worthy of praise and glory. Putting God Almighty in that stature gives me self-worth because this is a personal fulfillment of a lifetime vow- to give back all the glory to Him in everything that we do, undaunted by the dire economic conditions prevailing in our time and unfazed by the inevitable occurences that may come in between to test our faith.
I am encouraging everyone to get involved in our cause. This movement is not limited to any particular faith. If you believe that there is God and He blessed your life with His existence, I think you can do and share more of His blessings by helping out promote religion and spirituality in the blogosphere.
I hope you could join us!