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Thank You and My Apologies

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Entrecarders who have been dropping their cards on this blog. You made another history for this blog again as this blog climbed up at the No. 2 spot for Popular Blogs. I'm sure when you get to check the standings, I will be relegated from this spot one more time, hehe! It's good to savor the moment while it lasts, hahaha!

All at the same time, my apologies to Entrecarders whose drops I wasn't able to reciprocate. I really have a hard time choosing from whose blogs I get to return my drops on. I am relying on my own judgment and I'm hoping I am indeed making a sound judgment, hehe.
Just today, I got 548 return drops breaking my previous record of 507. My advertiser got 209 clicks from here. It's a pity though that I couldn't return all those drops coming my way. If only I could drop to more than 300, I would love to!

If ever there's a rehabilitation center for ecard dropping addiction, I wouldn't want to be cured, hahahaha! I so love going through different interesting blogs and meeting beautiful people as well. I made wonderful friends through Entrecard and for me, it has made dropping cards a lot more fun and inspiring, aside from the boost in traffic of course!
Who could have forget that? It did wonders for both of my blogs especially since I am into doing paid reviews. I am just hoping the Entrecard team won't kick out this particular blog from it's current category (Mixed Bag). They did kicked my other blog out, Our Journey to Forever, from it's previous category- from Romance, I've switched it to Personal Diary. I hope everyone is happy now ;-)
I am happy my effort of dropping 900 cards for my 3 blogs is paying off. And it's all because of YOU!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!