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Sheer Heart Gave Ginebra Another Day to Live

Call me a basketball fanatic. I have been that for a long time. I wasn't able to write a post after the game last night because I was so tensed my muscles were trembling! My brothers would usually tease me and play with my emotions. One time, while Game 1 of the Championships was underway, my brother detached the TV antenna preventing me from watching the action. I was going bananas! I can see in their faces they are actually making fun of me.
Last night was no different. They knew I'm always tensed watching Ginebra play. They would always look at my face to see my reaction. My team was down 16-0 in the opening tip. The mammoth crowd held their silence as Air 21 made their rally. But the Kings just refused to back down.
The Kings lived up to its NEVER-SAY-DIE spirit. Chris Alexander's career-best performance carried the injury-hobbled Ginebra to winning Game 6 and forced a Game 7 on Wednesday. The more than 18, 000 crowd in the Big Dome were yelling and screaming GINEBRA! GINEBRA! The crowd darlings never failed the people's expectations. They were able to pull-off an all important win that gave them another day to fight.
Good luck for Wednesday's game!