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I'm Dead Tired as Hell!

My Prince telling me: "You look a little tired, Mahal" sent me some warnings to take everything slow. That's what also the exact words my co-worker told me this morning the moment I opened the door at work. I feel like fainting! My zest and energy that has kept my blogs going has drained and sapped me all of my strength. I don't think I can't keep up for long.
I am no superwoman!
I've decided not to report for work this afternoon and took a good sleep. I had a good one, thank heavens! But since some affiliates has never failed to give me a few opportunities as of late, I have been working doubly hard. I coulnd't afford to go wishy-washy. I have been asking for this for quite a long time. I can't afford to go complacent. Beating some deadlines is keeping me busy (aside from dropping cards, of course!). I am up and about doing some tasks again for today.
I pray for more strength and wisdom.