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Top 10 Droppers for the Month of July

This is going to be the first time for this blog to recognize its Top 10 regular droppers for July. Entrecard did great wonders for this site since its birth three months ago. This blog sprouted from nothing and when I decided of coming up with this second blog, I have never thought I could ever manage to update it on a regular basis. But since I got this blog linked up with Entrecard, I always get an average minimum hits of at least 200 daily prompting me to update more frequently.
Now, it's high time for me to give credit to where it is due. Just click the 125 x 125 images below and you will be brought to another set of beautiful blogs. In the same manner, I would like to express how grateful I am to all advertisers who purchased ample amount of credits for the desired number of hits this blog could give, and to blogs who allowed the purchase of EC advert slots for my blog in their respective sites.