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Home Theaters

An ideal home, my brothers were telling me, is one that has home theater sconces. Oh well, it is but normal for them to say that because they so love watching movies, they love music and anything that has to do with art. The problem lies in not having enough budget for remodelling our very small house. If we get to have our own theater room, not here on our current residence. It's too small. And I mean small! Government's low-cost housings have always been like that.
But anyway, if one day, I get rich by blogging (hahahaha!), I would love to have a theater room that could accommodate a big screen, half of the size on what we see in the movie theaters, hehe! I think I am getting insane with this kind of thinking, haha! But it wouldn't be too bad to dream, right? I need to work harder for it though. If I mean harder, I need to double my effort and save up enough if I want to realize my dreams.