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I wrote an article in my other blog expressing my happiness because my Prince and I have reached this far. Being into a long distance relationship and holding on strongly until this very day is not a walk in the park. Most of you may not be too aware of it but along with me and my Prince celebrating our 19 months as sweethearts, I also celebrate my friendship with one of my BFFs (Blogging Friends Forever).
Exactly 19 months ago, Ate Bing or famously known as Bregie here in the blogosphere was introduced to me online by my Prince. It was the first day I've consented to be his Mahal. And it was also the day that my budding friendship with Ate Bing evolved. We always find ourselves chatting at YM and learned more from each other. And guess what? We have already met in the flesh early this year! That was the most exciting part! My Prince would always tease me: "You're stealing all my friends!" Hahaha! Well, it is just a pity he doesn't like writing that much. Coz if he does, he will be joining us all here and will get acquainted with all my BFF's.
I am glad I have found a friend in Ate Bing and she has been a real good Ate to me. She has done lots of good things for me and Scott especially in tweaking our photos together. Mind you! It looked for real! Almost everyone got deceived, hehe! That's the power of Adobe magic, hehehe! She truly has the hands of a good artist. Keep it up, Te! Stay nice as always! Cheers to our friendship!