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My Own Struggle at Losing Weight

Two major elections took place last year. One was in May (Local and National elections) and the last one was in October (Barangay and SK elections). During those times, pressure took its toll on me. Stress had always been my worst nemesis. Those times I don't wanna see myself infront of the mirror. I look terrible! I can not even hold a comb to make myself tidy and presentable. The worst thing was, I gained too much weight! And why not? Food was overflowing from breakfast to dinner with complete snacks in between meals. It's hard to resist the foods being served on us. So yummy! After the elections, that's when I had problems going back to my previous weight.
I saw the need to trim down when I've noticed I had difficulty looking for the clothes I want to wear daily. I've kept changing clothes from one to another. I couldn't even wear my favorite jeans! My fats were bulging it looked so ugly! I got so desperate I tried out one Chinese medicine for 20 days. It's in capsule form and I took it once daily. But my boyfriend warned me it could have after effects later on. I've promised him I'd stop taking it after I've consumed the contents of the second box I've just purchased (which contains 10 capsules). Good thing it worked for me. But had I heard of Anoretix long before, I could have tried it and haven't worried much on the after-effects of taking diet pills. I've heard it's clinically proven to be safe and effective.