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Featured BFF: IVY of My So Called Life

This post is long overdue. As you can obviously see, this blog, Our Journey to Forever and Kuerdas got a total makeover. I am no artist and I don't have the know how in tweaking blogs more so in understanding about codes, HTMLs, etc. You can just imagine what could become of my blogs if no angel from above came down to do wonders across my three blogs.

I thank the heavens for having a good blogger friend in IVY. She is such a sweetie and would always offer to help me out in fixing my blogs. All for free- only labor of love, hehe! Her artistic hands never gets tired in helping out a helpless friend, sigh! She has been keeping me company every night talking just about anything.

As I was learning more about her as a person, I find myself more and more lucky. Not everyone is given this rare chance to get that close to her and I appreciate her even more as a person for being transparent and outspoken.

I find her a dedicated and a passionate blogger. Her entire day would usually revolve around her blogs- doing opportunities, tweaking her blog themes and dropping cards. When you get to see her photos, who would have thought she is a married woman? She looks very young and very pretty! She is such a great catch. I am sure the hubby has long realized just how lucky he is for having a wife like Ivy.

Try to take a peek at all of her blogs. Just click the 125 x 125 images below: