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Premenstrual Syndrome

I wasn't fully aware what particularly happens with our body when monthly periods take place. Not until my mood swings were noticeably at its worst everytime the monthly visitor is underway. I always have premenstrual syndromes. I do not know if it happens to a lot of women but it happens to me. That's when I've started asking around if it's normal for me to feel it.
My co-worker who is a nurse by profession told me it's normal because of the changes that takes place within our body and because there is an imbalance level of serotonin, a hormone which is responsible in the modulation of anger, body temperature, mood, sleep, metabolism, etc. She was able to explain it to me in detail including how a progesterone works in the female menstrual cycle.
Now I understand too well why my Prince would always tell me: "I will be nice to you, Mahal" everytime I get to have my period.