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What's Keeping Me Busy

As of late, I haven't been pretty much active with writing new stuffs across my blogs. It seems like procrastination and laziness took over for a couple of days now. I've always felt groggy and always wanting to go to sleep. My pillows always calls me at 9PM and it's so hard to resist. At 12midnight, I am wide awake and I can hear my blogs calling me, hahaha! I go back to lseep at 3AM. This rather abnormal sleeping habits has been making me drowsy at work.
My thoughts has been running berserk. There are a million and a hundred thousand things that's been working up in my head. These things are longing for attention but I can't seem to focus. Is this the feeling when one gets older? Hahaha! The birthday contest is keeping me excited and the EntreCard system's assurance of support is overwhelming.
I want to unravel everything in this post but time is lacking. It's 6:30 in the morning and I need to prepare for work. In due time, I will have to make a crucial decision. I don't have much time but I need to decide. It will affect my entire life but I know everything will fall into place.