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National Bookstore Now Open In GenSan

With the advent of technology, the popularity of textbooks has gone down. People choose to read and get the information they need via the internet. It wasn't the case from way back. I could still vividly recall when I got hooked to getting hold of any kind of textbooks.
When I was in college, the university's provision of textbook allowance for scholars was a huge help. There was no need for me to worry on the purchase of expensive books. That was one of the privilege I enjoyed in school. Information was always very handy as long as one has the latest edition of books.
Here in General Santos City, the opening up of National Bookstore in June was very much appreciated by the city's constituents. Now students and textbook fanatics don't have to hurdle traveling three hours just to make a purchase of their fave books at the neighboring city, Davao.