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Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest in the Making

My birthday month is fast approaching. And because my birthday will be very special to me, I have been thinking of what could be the most fun and exciting thing to do so that you can join in and celebrate with me on my big day. Good thing I have my angels who always offer me brilliant ideas. Together with my friends Ivy and Uncle Che, we were able to come up with something to offer you. We thought of conceptualizing my own birthday contest which shall be dubbed as LAINY'S BIRTHDAY BASH CONTEST.
We have laid down the following prizes for the contest as follows:
First Prize:
  • Free Blog Lay Out courtesy of Ivy of The Designer Chic valued at $30
  • Cash Prize - $15
  • EntreCard Credits - 3,000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month at this blog

Second Prize:

  • Cash Prize - $10
  • EntreCard Credits - 2,000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Our Journey to Forever

Third Prize:

  • Cash Prize - 5$
  • EntreCard Credits - 1,000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Kuerdas

The above is tentative. A reserve of EntreCard credits has been allocated as a surprise bonus to all lucky winners.

The mechanics of the contest shall be posted on Sunday, 5th of October. I want to make this as easy as possible so that participating doesn't cost you too much time and effort.