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The Biggest Surprise of My Life

I always go home for lunch to accomplish some of my blogging tasks. But lately, I haven't done anything concrete especially in accomplishing tasks before deadline. Today, there were two reviews that got cancelled. The abnormal sleeping habits I have for weeks now has greatly affected my stamina. I just go home to take a little nap and go back to work again. The never-ending blogging chores and the need to report for work day in and day out has sapped me all of my energy.
Today, upon arriving home, my brother informed me that there was something for me beside the computer table. When I had it checked, it was a gift box that is still unopened. I knew right then and there it was from my Prince ;-) He was very sneaky to have it forwarded in our home without spilling the beans for a week. It was a huge surprise because I thought he would let Meggy handcarry the gifts when she go home for vacation back here in the country.

I was moved to tears! I called up my Prince immediately and he told me he kept mum about it because he wanted the element of surprise to be there. In the afternoon, when I got home from work, I was able to speak with Mummy and thanked her for the beautiful gift she sent me. Last year, My Prince gave me a beautiful necklace with "I Love You" engraved in it. More than the material gifts, I have always been thankful for the Gift of His Love.
The advance birthday gift made me feel very special and loved by no less than the special persons in my life- Mummy Carol and My Prince.
I'll show you the gift box but I won't disclose what's inside it just yet, hehe ;-)
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