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Lainy is a Super Blogger!

I am very much surprised and at the same time in awe when I received this wonderful award from Marzie, famously known as Mariuca of Wishing on a Falling Star. You can hardly stop me from gushing. I am so flattered, gratified, thrilled and humbled. Thank you girl for passing this award to me.

Now it is my turn to pass this award to my own list of Super Bloggers. They are the following:

Random Ramblings

Polly is such a great find! I appreciate the friendship I shared with her. She always reaches out by taking time to engage in a very lengthy conversation via my EntreCard inbox. Her time spent in sharing ideas have somehow nourished the relationship I have with her here at cyberspace and that makes her a super blogger to me.

My Blog Says

Noela is a lady so full of wits, love, humor and life. If you still haven't visited her blog, do try to take a peek and you will see how she writes from her heart, just like her fiancee, Uncle Che. He is such a very lucky man for having found a lady who can juggle school, family, blogging, and of course, she still could find time for love ;-)

Twerlermz Blog

Lerma ak.a. Twerlyn is not only a super blogger to me. She is also a supermom! She is the only blogger I knew who was able to blog a few hours before she gave birth! Terrific! She is the longest standing friend I have here in the blogosphere as we have been friends since we were in high school. I so much treasure our friendship. I was as thrilled when she gave birth to Arianna 2 weeks ago. After a day of giving birth, she was able to get back in full blogging form, isn't she amazing?

Marriage and Beyond

Jennie keeps me inspired by her articles majority of which talks about family, faith and how her family takes each day as a celebration. She is a super blogger to me because apart from juggling her own home, she has multiple lovely blogs under her care. I find it truly amazing! She exemplifies a person who blogs with so much passion. Her writing prowess has immensely motivated and inspired me to yearn in honing my writing skills.