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Featured BFF: Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder

Everyone may not be too familiar of Allena as a blogger. She is basically a novice in the blogging world. In some ways, I can say I have somewhat influenced her to try out blogging and see for herself how it works. For everyone's information, Allena is my cousin. Her mother and my mother are sisters. So that makes the blood running in our veins the same, hehe!
When she took a month-long vacation here in GenSan, she was able to escape from the hassle and bustle of Metro Manila. She desperately needed it because she got really sick from overfatigue, not to mention the daily stresses and the pollution brought by the metro city which have caused her low immunity to illnesses.
When she stayed a few days here at home, she was a living witness how hooked I am in my blogging chores. Since I am very well aware of her potentials, I persistently urged and encouraged her to create a blog of her own. Through consistent proddings, she was able to write her first entry HERE. She was also able to help me write an opportunity at Social Spark. It's HERE.
My cousin is a well-rounded artist. She was once the female lead vocals of Kuerdas. She can also play the guitar and other musical instruments. She was able to jam with the band again during her short stay here. Apart from doing what she loves the most, she was able to make the most out of her vacation when we had our island get-away. She also made articles out of our escapades- The Samal Island Get-Away and The Zipline Experience.
I can tell she loves to blog. She can write a number of articles in just a matter of hours. While I was at work, she made use of her time by posting her own entries. I was surprised she was dropping cards from the popular blogs! And she even dropped to a maximum of 300! She really learned quick. Will that make me a good mentor now? Hehehe!
I knew she hated going back to Manila but the call of duty prevented her from staying with her family, friends and relatives. Before she bid goodbye, she was able to purchase her own domain. And now her blog is sporting the most unique design I have ever seen in the blogosphere! That makes me feel jealous, hahaha! That's to Allena's unique, creative and artistic imagination and of course, with Ivy of The Designer's Chic doing all the magical touches ;-)
Have a check at her blog and see for yourself ;-)