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Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest Officially Closed

No Gimmicks
Let me be straight.
This is not the cute and smart Lainy always keeping you busy on this blog. She has been working all day long and is very tired. Probably snoring in bed right now (hehe hehe).

You are now in the company of the Naughty Uncle Che from AZ Blogging.

In case this is your first time here, or you never heard of the Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest, please read this post. It contains all information about the contest, including Mechanics, Prizes, and a list of all Officially Accepted entries. Though some entries really weren't qualified, Lainy was a little soft on the rules (acted like a mum :D) and considered everyone who made a "reasonable attempt".

Lainy has handed part of the job to me. I am proceeding as promised, randomizing on's list randomizer to get the FOUR LUCKY WINNERS for this contest. The randomization is going to be something a little bit different from what you expect.

One good news. The consolidatory prize for all unlucky participants has been doubled. After the 4 lucky winners have been selected, the remaining 25 would each receive 200 credits instead of 100 as initially indicated.

Did I mention that Lainy has kept aside some special gifts for some very special people who really merit them?

I wish you all good luck.

Let me move on to