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Throbbing Headache and Stiffneck

To say that I am in pain is an understatement. I could hardly move my head. I practically move like a robot. The throbbing headache adds to my misery. The painful neck was triggered when I did some stretching early morning today. It was so sudden I was crying in pain. I still reported for work but the pain gave me hell.
I wonder if my posture while I am infront of my computer attributed to this misery of mine. Sometimes, I tend to forget that I have been seating here for a number of hours already. My shoulders are quite numb but I always forego the need to relax a bit. The call of nature has become a huge struggle as well. I always make the most out of my time while infront of the PC but I wouldn't want to sacrifice my health. It is still my top priority. I don't want to get sick ever again!
Miraculously, after attending church tonight, I felt renewed. My neck is quite OK but a little pain is still there. I think I'll get a good massage come weekend ;-)