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Contest Updates and More!

I am so much overwhelmed by your response in the contest that me and my friends, Ivy and Uncle Che have conceptualized. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first. I haven't really thought that someone would want to sponsor in a small contest such as this.
With exactly 13 days left for the contest, more sponsors have expressed their willingness to take part for the success of this endeavor. I am very grateful to these generous people for sharing their blessings so as to make this contest more fun and exciting.
With these recent developments, I am requesting all qualified participants to PLEASE update the SPONSORS' LINKS and the PRIZES AT STAKE from H E R E.
This contest shall give away the following prizes:
  • Blog Lay Out valued at $30
  • 20, 000 EntreCard credits
  • $50 Cash Prize
  • Ad Spaces in 6 different, high traffic-blogs for one month

The following are the list of my kindhearted friends:

  1. The Designer Chic = Free Blog Lay Out valued at $30
  2. AZ Blogging = 1, 500 EntreCard Credits and 125X125 Ad Space for a month at the top of his blog
  3. My Blog Says = 1, 500 EntreCard Credits and 125X125 Ad Space for a month at the top of her blog
  4. Your Partner Online = 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  5. Twerlermz Blog = 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  6. Happy Family= 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  7. My Kawaii Life = 1, 000 EntreCard Credits
  8. Twinkletoe Writing Space= $5 and 1, 000 EntreCard Credits
  9. Everyday Life= $10 and 500 EntreCard Credits
  10. My So Called Life= 2, 000 EntreCard Credits
  11. In The Eyes of the Beholder= 500 EntreCard Credits
  12. A Woman Under God's Grace= 1, 500 EntreCard Credits
  13. Random Ramblings= 125x125 Ad Space at her blog
  14. Briggs Time for Escapades= 750 EntreCard Credits
Deadline for the submission of entries for the contest is on October 28, 12 midnight, Philippine time. Sponsorship is only until October 20, 2008.