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Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest - Contest Mechanics, Sponsors, More Prizes...

LAINY'S BIRTHDAY BASH CONTEST IS CURRENTLY BEING PROMOTED AT THE ENTRECARD BLOG (Just click the link). Many thanks to ROSE of Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions and Entrecard for helping me promote this contest in the blogosphere.

The long awaited mechanics for the LAINY'S BIRTHDAY BASH CONTEST is here! As promised, I will make this as simple as possible so that everyone can join without having to yield a lot of sweat. But before I lay down the contest rules, please allow me to THANK my generous friends who so willingly extended their help. If not for them, this contest wouldn't have been possible. They are the following:

  1. The Designer Chic = Free Blog Lay Out valued at $30
  2. AZ Blogging = 1, 500 EntreCard Credits and 125X125 Ad Space for a month at the top of his blog
  3. My Blog Says = 1, 500 EntreCard Credits and 125X125 Ad Space for a month at the top of her blog
  4. Your Partner Online = 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  5. Twerlermz Blog = 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  6. Happy Family= 3, 000 EntreCard Credits
  7. My Kawaii Life = 1, 000 EntreCard Credits
  8. Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me= 750 EntreCard Credits
  9. Twinkletoe Writing Space= $5 and 1, 000 EntreCard Credits
  10. Everyday Life= $10 and 500 EntreCard Credits
  11. My So Called Life= 2, 000 EntreCard Credits
  12. In The Eyes of the Beholder= 500 EntreCard Credits
  13. A Woman Under God's Grace= 1, 500 EntreCard Credits
  14. Random Ramblings= 125x 125 Ad Space for a month at her blog
  15. Briggs Time for Escapades= 750 EntreCard Credits
Special thanks goes to a very special friend who wants to remain anonymous. She generously sponsored $10 for the cash prize.

In order for you to qualify for the contest, you have to meet the following requirements:
  1. Write a post in your own blog and in your OWN words about this contest using at least 100 unique words. Include in your post the Contest Banner, links to My Blogs, and the Sponsors' Links. For your own convenience, please use the corresponding embed codes.

[ My Blogs ]

Our Journey To Forever Lainy's Musings Kuerdas The Certified Fashionable Chic

[ Sponsors' Blogs ]

The Designer Chic AZ Blogging My Blog Says Your Partner Online Twerlermz Blog Happy Family My Kawaii Life Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me Twinkletoe Writing Space Everyday Life My So Called Life In The Eyes of the Beholder A Woman Under God's Grace Random Ramblings Briggs Time for Escapades

  1. Subscribe to my blog via email.
  2. To add to the excitement, though OPTIONAL, the participants are encouraged to make mementos or keepsakes for me either in the form of the following:

    • Graphic arts like cards, cakes and anything of that sort which shall showcase the participant's unique artistic ability.
    • Literary art in the form of poetry, song, or any article that will mostly talk about this blog.
  • Once the above requirements are completed, notify me by submitting a COMMENT on the contest post leaving your entries' URL and the EMAIL ADDRESS used to subscribe to this blog.
  • This contest officially starts today, October 5 until October 28, 12 midnight.
  • All qualified entries shall be drawn randomly on October 29 via Definitely no cheating here. If you don't get lucky, blame (hehe). The lucky winners shall be announced thereafter.

  • Free Blog Lay Out courtesy of Ivy of The Designer Chic valued at $30
  • Cash Prize - $20
  • EntreCard Credits - 5,000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Lainy's Musings
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ AZ Blogging


  • Cash Prize - $15
  • EntreCard Credits - 3, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Our Journey to Forever
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ My Blog Says


  • Cash Prize - $10
  • EntreCard Credits - 2, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 Ad Space for a month @ Kuerdas
  • Cash Prize- $ 5
  • EntreCard Credits- 1, 000
  • Free Blog Exposure- 125X125 As Space for a month @ Random Ramblings
ALL unlucky qualified participants shall be awarded a consolation of 100 EntreCard credits each.
NOTE: Some words were made to appear bolder to make some emphasis. I reserve the right to alter my contest mechanics as I see fit. If there is something that appears to be vague in the above-mentioned contest rules, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at eleyn29[at]yahoo[dot]com.


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