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The deadline for the submission of contest entries for:

is approaching its closing date. This competition certainly has brought out the best in each contestant! Setting their best foot forward in narrating their own blogging experiences has become a source of inspiration and motivation not only for me but to a lot more bloggers out there! You all are winners in your own right!

As of March 31, we've got 25 beautifully and creatively written contest pieces. Twenty three females and 2 male-bloggers respectively shall be competing to become Hall of Famers in the field of storytelling.

However, I have received requests for an extension of the closing date as some bloggers have been unable to meet the deadline due to extenuating circumstances. Therefore, in the interest of these bloggers, I deemed it best to extend the closing date for entries by another seven (7) more days.

Therefore, the deadline for the submission of contest entries shall be on April 7, 2009 Midnight Central Time.

This I hope is a fair response to the requests made as well as afford more time for others who are interested to join. You just need to follow the contest rules from your word GO!

Bloggers taking part in this competition are coming from far and wide- The Netherlands, United States and the Philippines. I am expecting to have one from Cameroon, Africa and more entries from the U.S, too. Participants range from the working class to work-at-home moms; physician, a computer programmer and a call center agent. They all have one thing in common and that's blogging! So there is no excuse! If you have a blog, we definitely would want to hear from you!

Do have a peek at the 25 competition entries. Such interesting and amazing reads!

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