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What Happened to My MT Course?

In 2006, I enrolled in Medical Transcription course. It took me six months to finish the entire duration of the course. I hurdled going to my classes at 6 PM until 10 PM. Mind you, I have a day time job so you can just imagine how tired and sleepy I was while the evening lectures were done by our physician lecturers.
Prior to deciding on whether to enrol or not, I have always admitted that I am no geek for the scientific terms. They are all so alien to me. But when I finally decided to embark on this endeavor, I found it so easy! Memorizing medical terms and familiarizing scientific names came all handy to me. That came as a huge surprise!
Well, I think I was just too eager to learn. I haven't even thought that the six-month course cost me $532! That's already a huge amount here in the Philippines! That is tantamount to raising a capital for a small-medium enterprise. But since at the time, I was so set and ready to embark in medical coding training courses, I gave it a go. It was additional learning for me and there wasn't any shadow of doubt that I am ready to be  a Medical Transcriptionist.
But everything changed when I met my Prince. I was all set to try and venture a different job in Manila. But when I've met my Prince and we've decided to commit into a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, I hated to alter the status quo.
I grabbed the offer from a government agency here in our city and everything just went on smoothly. If ever there's one thing I regret, it's the chance of not being able to put into practice what I had learned from school. I hope it's still not too late for me to grab a headset, and a foot pedal;-)