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Dilly-Dallying @ Home Sweet Home

I envy my cousin Ally because she was able to make the most out of her vacation. I haven't been to the Camiguin Islands yet but I have heard it's heaven and sure is worth visiting. I hope one day I could get there, too.
During the 2008 holidays, a lot of people are on planned vacations. Why not? The almost two weeks off especially for the government employees is more than enough and sure is worth spending the vacation with families and loveones. For the well=off families, Westgate is a common destination. Others took their trips in many of the islands here in the country. Poor people like me contented ourselves dilly-dallying at home and trying my best to keep my blogs alive, hahaha! I prefer to just stay inside the house than go out. If it's not really necessary to go out, I really won't. But doing some errands during the holiday was one of my daily activities. Sigh! But it's ok. The best part of spending my vacation was that I am my own boss. I own my time at least for almost two weeks, hehe!