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Determined and Willful

During the holidays, I have been eating quite a LOT! And I say it is a little hard for me to discipline and control myself. The sumptuous foods laid down on the table are so hard to resist. My face is beginning to balloon if you know what I mean and my tummy is again bulging to my dismay. When My Prince saw me on cam, he told me it is a little hard to tell on cam if I really gained some weight. But one day, he told me I should take care of myself more. I think he noticed I have gained some more weight. Well, I am determined to lose some pounds again to the extent of taking some weight loss products. I had difficulty losing weight the last time out even when I ate less carbohydrates. Does it have to do with age? LOL!
Well, discipline is still the key here and it should come from ourselves. Just thinking of my height not proportioned with my weight, I find myself screeching and telling myself: "Hey! Enough is enough!" I know I am a little exaggerated now but I have been thinking of the worse scenario. Though my Prince doesn't like me getting too thin, he doesn't want me to get too big either. So getting proportioned is the best and I intend to do just that.