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The Ever So Hardworking Mom

My mother is working as an insurance agent aside from her full-time work during weekdays. On weekends, she has endless appointments for her prospective clients. This is the only time she got wherein she could offer a cheap life insurance to them.
Well, I salute my mother dearie for being such a hardwoking mom and dad all at the same time. We are all hats off to her. Since my father died six years ago, she has assumed the role of both our mother and father in the family. 
My mother isn't as lucky as me because at a very young age of two, she lost her own mother. She was deprived of the loving, nurturing presence of a Mom. But that didn't prevented her for being such a loving mother to us. Her gentle and caring ways, not to mention the nagging styles, haha made her so uniquely Mom! I am a very lucky person for despite life's lowest lows, especially when my parents were just starting out a family, they held on to the one covenant that they pledged before God. They didn't deprived me of having a father and a mother. Since I was conceived out of wedlock, my mother was given an option to continue schooling, give birth to me and never marry my father. But then, my mother wanted to give me a complete family. 
To me, she is such a supermom that I can not imagine life living without her. To me and my siblings, she is the best mother that we could ever have. Not everyone is blessed for having such a mother like her. I thank the Lord for this beautiful blessing.