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Cheribye EntreCard: Kuerdas Blog Deleted from EC

I began my dropping tasks early this morning for my Kuerdas blog before going to work. The "supposed-to-be" first recipient of my drop is Windmill. Upon clicking the drop button, I couldn't see any drop messages being reflected. So I thought it was one of those glitches and unannounced downtimes/ outages. I've even left a shout at Windy's chatbox that EC got a problem. I haven't realized that the problem could be my blog not until I've read the messages in my own shoutbox from Poray, Recel, Tyson, Pastilan, and a message from my friend Polly of Random Ramblings in my EC inbox telling me that something is wrong with my EC widget. I then concluded that something's amiss and the first thing that came to mind was my blog might have been deleted from EntreCard. Since Uncle Che & I had our first voice chat for 2009, (he keeps me company very early in the morning aside from Ivy), I requested him to open my EntreCard account because I couldn't access anymore my Kuerdas blog. And true enough, Kuerdas was erased from the realms of the EC community without issuing me any warnings. How's that for the New Year, huh?
I've learned from Uncle Che that an e-mail was sent to Kuerdas Yahoomail account. Entrecard sent me a message and I quote in toto:

Your account 'Kuerdas! ' on has been deleted. The administrator gave the following reason: Rule A2 Please contact if you have any questions regarding this action.

Rule A2 states:

Sites where more than 50% of the content consists of paid posts, posts with links to online stores, or affiliate links. This quota is a total, so if you write less than 50% of each type of paid content but the overall paid content quota exceeds 50%, that is not permitted. Reviews are OK, but not if every post contains an affiliate link.

My previously written article When All Your Posts Are Nothing But Paid Posts has been ironically applied here. I am not trying to dispute nor argue that Kuerdas blog shouldn't have been deleted. I actually saw it coming and I am guilty as charged. I have actually planned of doing some changes for Kuerdas, I have even asked my cousin Ally to help me think of a nice concept for a layout coz I was thinking of starting from there. I just couldn't find the time doing what I want to accomplish for my blogs. I know it's a lame excuse. I am a very good procrastinator so the changes might take me a long time to implement, haha! Dilly-dallying is a bad habit that I wanted changed for 2009.
But anyway, I won't be overhauling Kuerdas blog just because I wanted to meet EC requirements alone. Well, blogging will continue even without EntreCard. Come to think of it. I am a little sad Kuerdas was deleted from EC. It has been my comrade in my blogging journey for close to a year now and it was great sailing with EC. But blogging is not all about EntreCard. Life will continue for Kuerdas blog with or without EntreCard.