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A Night To Remember: The David Pomeranz Valentine Concert in GenSan

David Pomeranz, who bears the moniker King of Love Songs, is coming over to GenSan on Valentines Day, February 14, 2009 at the Lagao Gymnasium, Gen. Santos City. Pomeranz' indeed lived up to his moniker with his hit songs King and Queen of Hearts, Born for You, and Got to Believe in Magic, among others.
The popular singer is well-loved by so many Filipinos. Why not? Filipinos are known to be hopeless romantics. David has captivated the hearts of a huge number of followings and his songs are like the National Anthem of so many Filipinos that even a toddler can sing along with them. All his hitsongs have always given me that giddy feeling. Enthralled with his soft and melodious singing voice, I can't help but wish My Prince is here come Valentines Day! Sigh!
Slow down , Lainy! You might get too disappointed...
Well, if it's any consolation at all, I might just get a chance to watch David Pomeranz Live with a VIP pass worth PhP 1, 500!
That is...
If I get too lucky to be one of the Top 5 Blogs. Please pray for me ;-).
Oh! How I so love to listen to David's beautiful music! He makes my heart melt just by listening to his love songs! That's how smitten I am to his kind of music! I can now imagine myself and the four other bloggers having a pose beside the King of Love Songs himself! Isn't that great?

And here's more!
We can actually have a taste of the sumptuous foods served at the cozy Grab-A-Crab Restaurant and Coffe Club 101 via the gift certificate worth PhP 1, 000.00! Whoaaa! If you're a Mindanaoan, you can check out more about this contest which is up and running at the Bariles site.

Grab-a-Crab Resto at Night

I am actually a little desperate to win this contest all for the love of David Pomeranz and his songs. Wish me luck, Friends! ;-)