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SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Genee Experience

I thought I am going to miss another bloggers' event on Thursday night. It was our midweek worship service and the rendezvous with co-bloggers in this part of Mindanao at the new and cozy Genee Restaurant was set at 6:30 PM, right at the corner of the city's Freedom Park. My mother and I were about to go home after the worship service at 8PM when Rosilie of Rosilie: My Blog sent me SMS telling me that they will be waiting for me.
So off I went to the Bloggers Night with mother chaperoning me, hahaha! I was a little stunned to see a huge number of fellow Soccsksargen Bloggers (South Cotabato, Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos). The formidable presence of each and every blogger is more than enough to make our existence felt in the world of blogging.
Indeed, Soccsksargen Bloggers have come a long way since its conception in November of last year.

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The Genee experience on Thursday night, which was spearheaded by the Bariles man himself, Mr. Avel Manansala, made my blogging journey meaningful and colorful. Not only was I able to have a feast on the sumptuous and delectable tuna cuisines offered by the establishment, but more importantly, meet ups of this kind are well-meaning as it develops rapport and camaraderie among and between co-bloggers not only here in General Santos City but to its neighboring cities and municipalities as well. I still actually have to know a lot of my fellow bloggers from here. Some of them I just know from their faces but frequent meet ups in small and big groups is helping a lot in getting familiar with them. I am also trying to keep up in familiarizing each and everyone's blogs. By doing so, I expect my fellow Soccsksargen bloggers to be my blogging comrades making us a formidable force to reckon with in our yearn for a truly bonded Soccsksargen Bloggers.

There are still a helluva lot of things to be done to achieve everything that bloggers from this part of the country wants to accomplish but with Genee Restaurant among others who have been very supportive of our cause, everything is possible.

Photos courtesy of Kyawster and Rosilie.