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Too Many Things To Do, But Too Little Time

Many of you might have wondered where have I got all the zest much more the time in doing all the blogging chores everyday of my life. I myself, do not know how I have managed to do so much in 24 hours. You see, I work for a living on a 8-5 basis. We do not have internet connection at work. I can only accomplish some of the online tasks when I get home for lunch and when I get home after 5PM. I stay up late until 11PM dropping cards to 900 blogs like a mad girl. I can't go to bed without having to accomplish dropping 900 cards. It has been a habit that's so hard to break.
Now, you might be wondering why I am telling you all these.
It's because I have been asking myself lately if it's all worth it. I am sometimes feeling a little guilty for not being able to help around the house because I am always infront of the computer every chance I get. And all the chances are given to me. Nobody can interrupt me when I am infront of my PC.
As of this writing, I am having a bad flu. I haven't been feeling too well since yesterday. But that didn't prevented me from coming online. Seven days of the entire week, I wake up as early as 4AM just to make sure that I drop a few cards before going to work for 2 more blogs aside from my 3 personal blogs. That makes it more than a thousand cards dropped daily! And updating my blogs is a must for me because it has long been monetized. Doing paid reviews and filler posts has taken its toll on me. I don't even know what quality articles mean. It's because of the deadlines to beat that I seemed to be rushing things up. After writing the assigned tasks, hitting the "Publish" button abruptly always gives me a sigh of relief. Not only that, I feel like it's a crime for me not to write anything new especially since I got myself an Entrecard account.
Come to think of it.
When we drop, we encourage Entrecarders to reciprocate our drops. And when they get to our site, what do we want? Just the number of drops we get or for them to keep coming back because of our blog's content?
It's hard to accomplish all these things because I am no superwoman. As much as I wanted to do everything in one day, that is not just possible. I haven't been to the mall in ages. I want to enjoy the company of my friends more often. I want to spend more quality time with my family. I don't want my vision to deteriorate more and more everyday.
Please don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. How could I when I enjoy doing what I have been doing? Blogging is fun for a lot of reasons. You and I are very well aware of it. I need not make a run down of them.
I just wish there's 48 hours in a day so that I could do more things aside from blogging.