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Deviating from My Usual Sunday Routine

I always start out my Sunday very early waking up as early as 3:30 am to prepare myself for church. At 4:45 am, I am inside the church premises, specifically at the Finance Office and is doing my weekly obligations. Worship service starts at 6am. I go home at 9:30 am after taking brunch (breakfast and lunch) with churchmates.

At Church with churchmates

I feel very drowsy everytime I get home but I always take the time to sit infront of my PC to finish my dropping chores before cut-off time (12NN). But today is very different from the previous Sundays. When I got home at 10am, I've immediately changed my church uniform and prepared my ingredients for the Thanksgiving recipes I and my cousin Allena have bought the day before. It's my cousin's birthday (Allena's youngest bro) and we celebrated here at home. It was just a small celebration but it's very rare that we spend this day altogether.

Sunday is family day for most of us. And the thought of having not spent quality time with my family for ages has made me feel so guilty each time. I vowed to spend this day with my family and I haven't thought of anything about blogging and dropping cards; only a little, hehe! It felt good having to spend this day with my family and relatives!

It was a long and tiring day!

I was practically standing on my legs for half a day and I burnt some parts of my hands, ouchh! I finished cooking at 5pm and I was rushing infront of my PC because my Prince has been waiting for me already. We haven't got all the time because my cousin and my brother spoke with him, too. My brother was very happy because my Prince promised him he will send his recording software on October 29 for Kuerdas to use (hmm, what's with October 29, huh?!) or sometime in December when our little sister Meggy come home for a month long vacation.

We were able to send my Prince some songs we've recorded earlier today while we were singing on videoke, hehe! My cousin Allena has a very nice voice and he thought it was me, hahaha!

I wish!!!

But he thinks I have a good singing voice, too. Nice consolation, Lainy, hahaha! ;-)