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My EntreCard Dropping Techniques Unleashed (Part II)

This post shall answer the million dollar question how I was able to manage dropping 900 cards like a mad girl without fail and how fast I can get to finish the task. When I am in my notorious self dropping cards, the dropping task goes like thunder and finishes in a whiplash.

If my internet connection cooperates with me, I can drop 300 cards in an hour. That is, if I do the drop and run method to which I rarely do. Normally, it would take me 2 and a half to 3 hours at the most. Is it fast enough for you? I think not. It takes a lot of patience. And I can tell you I have lots of it.


You now have the tips on where to drop your cards. But the problem on the speed struck you. If it’s just a normal speed, I am telling you, it will take you forever! If you have only one blog, 300 cards to drop is very easy to handle.


I recommend you don’t do drops using Internet Explorer. Dropping of cards works better and faster with Mozilla Firefox. If it’s the first time you’ve heard of No Script or Whitescript, well it’s high time you know that it makes dropping of cards smoother and quicker more than ever. It is a Firefox Ad-On which enables you to disable the scripts. You can opt to enable only the EntreCard widget and all those other annoying scripts shall be blocked from showing up.

And here’s more.

You can disable the images. We all know it slows down the loading of page. Fret no more. When you do the dropping of cards and the images are disabled, you will go at a lightning speed.


When No Script Ad On feature is enabled, it isn’t possible to make comments with word verifications/ captcha. It takes away the experience of appreciating the blog themes as well. What I do is open blogs of my fancy at Internet Explorer if I want to interact with the blog owner by commenting. In that way, I can make my presence felt and at the same time appreciate the blog’s over-all theme.

I am still on the hunt though for finding the quickest way to drop without sacrificing website quality.


The effort of the EntreCard admin in always coming up with ways to improve the system is commendable. It’s very hard to come up with yet another system which could equal EntreCard’s accomplishments thus far.

When Entrebar was launched a couple of months ago, I was very adamant in downloading it. But since I am using an old version of Firefox, I had to update it to Firefox 3. I did all that but I encountered some difficulties. I did all the same process again with Uncle Che patiently guiding me this time around. I was able to download it successfully. EntreBar works very well and it sped up my dropping chores.


I was able to utilize EntreBar Friday night and Saturday morning. But personally, I think it doesn’t work to my advantage. Please don’t get me wrong. When we speak of speed and features, everything seems perfect with EntreBar.

But I guess the problem is with me.

I am more familiar with the 125 X 125 avatars of each blogs to which I regularly drop my cards on. I always drop cards from my drop inbox and that’s all the avatars are located. I know each of them even when my eyes are closed.

With EntreBar, the 125 x 125 avatars won’t be of use. It’s very hard to drop on all of them using EntreBar because I need to choose which of the blogs I should drop my cards on.

As mentioned in my previous post, I get an average of more than 400 return drops; the highest is more than 500. I need to make a sound judgment and drop on blogs that I am 100% sure would return my drops because every drop counts. I don’t just drop my cards anywhere. I have to make sure that dropping 900 cards to 900 blogs is never a wasted effort.

If you want to download the No Script Ad-On feature, you can go HERE.

If you want to utilize the EntreBar, download it from HERE.