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Advance Birthday Gift from a Special Friend

Last night. I was a little busy writing and accomplishing a form that needs to be submitted at work today when suddenly, out of the blue, Ivy messaged me at YM and asked innocently, as if she was in shock, what happened with my blog? I got a little confused and worried because the other night, my other blog had a little problem in the loading speed. I stopped doing what I was doing and instantly opened my blog right then and there. I got the shock of my life when I saw that someone did some tweaking of my template. The design is so uniquely Ivy!. I recalled we were talking about the gift that she would love to give me for my birthday and she wouldn't want to give me any hint. I immediately concluded that it's what she meant, haha!
I was in total amazement! She did it with so much ease and in a lightning speed! Uncle Che is right! He said too many good things about Ivy and I am all the more convinced. He once told me that all the headers Ivy made for all my blogs would tell many things about Ivy. I would like to quote him as saying:

"Art says a lot about the people who create them. For Ivy's case, I will say calm, gentle, well composed, smart and organised, appreciates life the way it is but always tries to give everything a more poositive look. Someone who does not believe very much on love, unity and peace won't put up an art like that. When you look at the header, it gives many universal pictures- clouds, flowers, lights, green grass, unity, love, anti sex discrimination, beauty...."

Do I need to convince you any further? If you want to see more of her creations, do visit Designer's Chick blog.
I am so lucky I've found a friend in Ivy. I owe her a lot. Even the contest I am putting up, she voluntarily offered her services for the give-away lay out, all for free! I truly appreciated the gesture and I appreciate her all the more! I can't ever repay her kindness and the time she invested for overhauling my blog's theme yet again. I am so much grateful for the gift of friendship.