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My Entrecard Dropping Techniques Unleashed (Part I)

I just do not know if I am actually the right person to be writing this post. I do not consider myself an "expert" in the "ins" and "outs" of Entrecard-dropping. I have been getting quite a number of messages from my Entrecard inbox asking me where have I learnt so much. Some were asking me to share some SECRETS for my "success" at Entrecard and requesting me to do a post that could help newbie Entrecarders. I couldn't just disregard those messages and shrug my shoulders off. It would be lovely if I could get to share some things I know and I hope some people could derive huge advantage from it.
First off, one must understand what Entrecard did for me. It did wonders for my blogs- Our Journey to Forever and Kuerdas (please try to swing by those blogs). It gave me more than 300 hits a day and more than the hits, I came across wonderful blogs and made friends with beautiful people. I couldn't have done it if not for Entrecard.
When I began taking dropping cards seriously, it's taking me forever finishing my dropping chores. I read and read blogger's articles because that's how amazed I was in encountering these beautiful blogs. That's where I learned some of the tricks and that's when I've started experimenting changing my techniques.
I'm telling you, when I first joined here, I do not know Popular blogs existed! I didn't aimed for my blog's popularity. My concern is only to drop my cards to fellow Entrecarders with the hope that they would reciprocate. But to my dismay, for about a month of hurdling to drop 300 cards daily, my efforts were for naught. Only about 30% were returning my drops and most of the blogs I was dropping my cards on have long been dead!
What an absolute waste of time!
When we see an EC widget, we would usually click "drop" on impulse. That's how it is for novice. But let me emphasize here that every cards dropped counts. We need to be sure if the blogs we have just dropped our cards on would return our drops. It's OK to drop on friends no matter what rankings they have at Entrecard. They would always reciprocate because they are friends!
You may ask me, WHAT RANKINGS? In case you still don't know it, I've slowly learned that every blog is ranked at Entrecard. ALL blogs are ranked according to POPULARITY. There are 52 categories and each blog is ranked according to popularity in each categories.
Here's how you can get to know your blog's rank:
  • Go to the CAMPAIGN TAB in your Dashboard
  • Choose POPULAR
  • Order should be by MOST POPULAR
  • Choose NO MAXIMUM for Maximum Price.
  • Choose 24 rows per page (Top 120 Popular blogs will show on the first page).


Out of more than 15, 000 Entrecard members, it will now be very easy to recognize the Popular blogs if you get yourself familiarized with their avatars. Once you see them anywhere, you will get to know they are those blogs who have been doing crazy drops, day in and day out! I know these blogs even when my eyes are closed, haha! Now, I would dissuade anyone from changing avatars every now and then. You wouldn't want to lose your regular droppers, right?


One thing important to know is the COLOR CODING at Entrecard. These are as follows:

  • Gold = Featured
  • Rose = Favorite
  • Blue = Ad purchased
  • Green = Dropped
  • Dark = Recently rejected
  • Black= Not yet dropped

I want you to take careful notice of these colors if you drop from the POPULAR BLOGS. If you have made a drop on a particular blog, the color will turn to GREEN, so there's no need to go to the site. That would save you ample time. If the color is black, and you want to drop on that site, that's the time you can visit the site and drop your card.


Very important. The drop inbox will help you keep track who made drops on your blog everyday. If you have made drops from the Popular Blogs category, you will know from who among them have returned your drops.

It should be noted here that most of the popular blogs get more than 300 drops daily. That's way over the 300 limit. It only means that NOT all the drops they get they could return immediately. The TIP here is to keep coming back.

MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT. DROP. READ. If you think the topic is engaging, you can take part by commenting.

In my case, once I see new EC widgets that made drops on me, I don't usually return the drops made. If I am that bad, I am sorry. But please understand that I need to prioritize those blogs who have been frequenting my blogs and keeps dropping those cards. I can't miss returning their drops in favor of a new one which I am not even sure if they could still come back. After a couple of days of persistent dropping, that's when you will be included in my favorites.

I do not know if blogs in the Popular category have been doing the same technique as I do. You can well ask them, too. These techniques worked well across my three (3) blogs: this blog, Our Journey to Forever and Kuerdas. I will be doing the sharing of techniques in parts since it wouldn't be possible to do it in one shot.

I will be very glad if this post could help you understand Entrecard more. If you have a better way of doing your drops, please feel free to share it in my comment section.