The Readers Poll


The Survey That Says It All

I owe Ivy for this one. I love tags especially if it's a question and answer type. I feel like I am joining an international pageant, hahahaha!
  1. Where have you lived for most of your life? I lived my entire life here in GenSan. I have never been away from my family ever.
  2. What was the last compliment you received, and when? Everyday, my Prince would always refer to me as Mrs. Lainy Mae McCrea and that he will be the proudest husband when we are married.
  3. Do you prefer to call or text? I prefer text if the recipient is living in the Philippines. With my Prince, I prefer to call ;-)
  4. How many people do you trust 100%? My Prince, my family and a few chosen friends. Is that many?
  5. What type of shirt are you wearing right now? Just a plain and simple shirt.
  6. What’s the last movie you saw in the theatre? Gosh! I can't even remember!
  7. Can you live without the computer? I think not.
  8. Ever got so drunk you couldn’t remember the entire night? Never!
  9. Favorite flower? Anthurium, for a change, hehe!
  10. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Thank God for this new day!
  11. Have you memorized your social security number/sss number? Oh no!
  12. Who was the last person to make you cry? My co-worker.
  13. What happened at 10:00 am today? It's still 6AM so I practically have no idea what will happen later.
  14. Did you know that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey got married? No! Who's Nick? Hahaha!
  15. What are your plans for tomorrow? Stay at home because it's a holiday or if I could get to change my mind, go out and choose from a wide variety of air tools that my brother wants me to purchase.

Now I hope the following people will have fun answering the same survey because I did: Lollii, Baby Noela, Bregie, and Tricia of Proud Mommy blog.