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The Island Get-Away (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my post from my other blog entitled: The Island Get-Away (Part 1).
The entire trip going to the Island Garden of Samal, Kaputian Resort was a total pain in the a$$. But we were all laughing like little kids and we had the best adventure of our lives! We took a short stop when we saw Pearl Farm’s view from the top of the mountain. I recalled this is where my friend Twerlyn and hubby Andy spent their honeymoon, hehe!

The Habal-Habal Experience

Top View of Pearl Farm

We cried out a huge sigh of relief when finally we reached Kaputian after an hour of agonizing trek because of the rough roads we hurdled. My Prince called me up late in the afternoon and asked how was everything. My exhaustion from the trip vanished in an instant, hahaha!

While trying to fix our belongings, I have been telling the group we will massage each other’s back before going to bed, hehehe! But the next day, they were all laughing at me and my cousin because the two of us went to bed at 9PM! That was very unsual!

Upon arrival, I can't help but get a pose, hehe!

With my two younger brothers

3rd Day

I woke up before the sun rose. When my brother next to me felt someone was up and about, he immediately went to the seashore and brought his camera with him and took some magnificent shots of the island. When everyone was awake, we immediately changed to our own swimwears and we were very excited and immediately headed for the beach. The salty water felt so cool! Of course, we can't help but take umpteen of photos and we posed like true but frustrated models, hahaha! We satisfied ourselves playing with the cool and calm water of the beach.

With my brother

With my cousin Allena and Ate Nimfa

With Allena and my brother Jay Son

My companions also tried their best teaching me even just to float but all their efforts were futile. Sorry to disappoint you, guys! After I had neardrowning in 1995 and almost died, I still really haven't learned how to swim!

After spending our day at the beach, we were set to leaving the island at 4PM. This time, we took the right route going back to the city. We took the barge instead of the "habal-habal" . The trip lasted for an hour. We all felt the exhaustion from the day's "photoshoot" (hehe!) but the day didn't end just like that. We all still need to prepare ourselves for church. It was a Thursday and we took the last hour for our worship service at 7:45PM.