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Smart Bro is Down Yet Again!


I am doing this post at the nearest internet cafe I could get. I couldn't rave and rant at Smart Bro's Customer Service Hotline because it's down, too. I used to call them and let the CSRs know how pissed I am of the service they give off their subscribers. I've learned I have no connection when I went home for lunch today. Instead of doing my Entrecard-dropping chores at high noon, I took a little nap. That cooled my head off a little bit. Before going home from work, I called up at home and asked my brother if there's a connection yet, but still none. So I decided to look for the nearest net cafe.

I am thinking the heavy rain last night has damaged Smart Bro's base station and that affected our connection. But heavy rain or not, Smart Bro's services really sucks! I have experienced it too times a many in the previous months. I have heard from a friend that PLDT DSL is doing well here in GenSan. And its speed is faster triple time than Smart Bro. Such a pity because Smart Bro is strictly imposing a one-year locked in program. I guess I'm stuck with Smart Bro for 5 more agonizing months.