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I've Joined the Free Comments Defense League!

I personally salute Graham Langdon of Entrecard for always coming up with innovative ways on how to help bloggers improve and become successful. Everyone were so ecstatic with Entrecard's partnership with Sezwho. The motive is for the best interest of everyone. But there is always no perfect innovation. I've attempted to install Sezwho in both of my blogs but I wasn't too successful. I just don't know if I am experiencing the bug or it's just because I am too ignorant in tweaking blogs and all. It made even more difficult for me to install the plugin.
Anyhow, I just came to this thinking. If I am to comment on blogs, it's because (1) the topic is of interest to me and somehow I can closely relate to; (2) i merely want to make my presence felt, and (3) it's either the blogger is my friend or i want to befriend the blogger.
I am never against Entrecard's idea of giving out credit to commenters posting relevant comments. In fact, I love to receive credits for taking that extra effort in reading and commenting on blogs. BUT , with or without credits, I would love to comment because I want to, not because I am expecting something in return or because I'm "bribed" or compensated to comment. The question on whether comments are genuine or not will somehow devalue the system of commenting. The blogger will never know if we are commenting because we are sincere or just because we want to earn credits. It wouldn't be too bad to receive credits for our commenting efforts but it should only come as a bonus, not our main motivation for commenting on blogs.
I am more than ecstatic with my membership with Free Comments Defense League. I won't ever receive credits from Entrecard for all the comments I've made. I think it would be best if we comment on blogs without expecting credits as an incentive. Membership to FCDL is limited to only 100 blogs. The code for FDCL blogroll was sent to me by Mr. Matthew S. Urdan in my mailbox last night. Thank you for counting me in!
I am anticipating for a more valued partnership with my participation in the Free Comments Defense League. This league values and respects your thoughts on any trivial discussions, with or without credits!