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Who do you think is Deserving to win a Customize Layout? (4th week)

La Vida es Hermosa

This post is to heartily ask your strong support for my friend Ivy. She wants to win a customized lay-out at the Dashing Smile blog. There are 10 of them who are aspiring to win the theme that the blog owner is offering for the nominees. Ivy is one of the few bloggers I've met here in the blogosphere when I started out blogging. She has always been kind to me and she's always there to extend a helping hand. She is the one responsible for the total makeover of this blog. I know this nomination means a lot to her that's why I made this campaign post. I hope you will vote for her La Vida Es Hermosa site daily. This is going to be a week-long contest.
Thank you so much for your unfailing support!