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Knowing Drop Messages and Your Drop Rank at Entrecard

My Drift Entrecard
When I joined Entrecard, I have never imagined I could get a boost in my Alexa traffic that quick, and I mean real quick. Simply put, Entrecard has motivated me to promote my site through the drops I am making to other blogs daily. It has only been two (2) months since my membership and I haven't looked back since then. I am dropping 300 cards daily for both of my blogs. I admit it is at times draining but it's hard to stop when I still haven't reached the 300 limit for the day. To say that I got hooked in dropping Entrecard is an understatement. If there is a more deeper and stronger word than hooked and addicted, that would be it, hahaha!
A number of bloggers have expressed their curiosity on Entrecard. Some I was able to convince to get an account. Looking back, I was so ignorant on how Entrecard works. I didn't quite know that it's one free way to get a traffic explosion to your site. Being the idiot that I was, while hopping and dropping Entrecard to other Entrecarders, I noticed the drop message THANKS altered to GO! GO! I thought something was wrong with my computer. I kept refreshing it but i still got the same message. Realizing that drop messages were changing after a number of drops made, I soon was able to calculate the Drop Messages as the following:
1-50: Thanks
51-100: Go! Go!
101-150: Alright!
151-200: Wicked!
201-250: Yeehah!
251-300: Awesome!
301: 300 per day (Entrecard drop limit)
300 drops for a day is the limit set by Entrecard for each account. You can drop 600 cards daily but you have to use a different IP address. One thing noticeable was the DROP RANKS changing from time to time. I do not know how Entrecard is calculating the ranks but as per my own observation and calculation, the drop rank depends on how much credit one gets from advertisement and the credit one gets from the drops made for the day.
So if you are looking for Entercarders to advertise your blog on, you may consider to see the drop rank first. Higher rank would mean greater chances for exposure. And it's what we all want, to get our hard-earned credit's worth. We are investing time and effort in dropping cards and it should all be worthwhile.
Below are the drop ranks in descending order:
  1. Deeply committed- - Deadly serious. A drop master!
  2. Takes dropping Very Very Seriously
  3. A dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction
  4. Consistent, regular dropper
  5. Casual and relaxed
  6. Just here for the view
If you are still not a member of Entrecard, you can get a free and instant account here!