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The Power of Blog Commenting and Some Comment Etiquettes

Indeed, there is power in commenting on other blogs. It's taking me a long time to finish my daily tasks of dropping cards to Entrecarders because I take a pause, read and comment on topics that I can especially relate to and entries that stirred my interest. I don't simply drop and run. I appreciate comments made by my co-bloggers here in my blog although there aren't much, hehe! I prefer commenting than leaving my footprints in the tagboard section because cbox and/ or shoutmix' characters are limited. And here's the catch, get your blog indexed in search engine by posting relevant comments. Everytime I get to check my site, the first thing I take a look at are the comments section. I always see to it that I check out the person behind the comments posted. That's added traffic for your blog. Commenting is one sure way of increasing your blog's traffic. Of course, one must be cautious on what to say or else you will be in big trouble. Below are the things I considered important for a blogger to consider in posting comments on blogs:
  1. Do away with "Nice post" comments. I don't consider this a comment. I've done this many times in the past out of habit and I don't think it's making sense at all.
  2. Add value and substantial input on the post being commented. You might love to share your own experiences or add new ideas to the post. Just be sure your comment wouldn't sound like a tele-novela and even double the number of words written by the author, wink!
  3. Try to be nice and comment constructively. Never sound too critical and make stupid comments if you don't want to be in deep trouble.
  4. Respect. Don't get angry when your comment got filtered. The author always has the sole right in deleting comments not to his liking.
  5. Post comments on topics you think you have the authority to talk about.
  6. Be polite and sincere. Don't comment just for the sake of commenting and leaving your self-serving links.
  7. Revisit the site. I always make sure I do come back on the blogs I've posted my comment on and see if it got filtered or if the author have made a reply. This way, interaction is encouraged and there is open-communication. You can leave your footprints after posting your comments especially for Blogger hosted blogs.
If you have more things in mind, don't content yourself to be simply just a lurker. We already have an abundance of them.
Participate. Interact. Contribute.
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