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More Entrecard Drop Messages

When I was still new to Entrecard-dropping, I have noticed different drop messages were shown. Being the ignorant that I was, I didn't quite know that such messages at times really appear. For some of my friends who just got their Entrecard account, this post might be of a little help to you.
Below are Entrecard drop messages and its meanings. You might encounter them when you are in your notorious self dropping EC's:
  1. Get one, Please log in- These messages are shown when Entrecard believes that you haven't logged in. Please go to and log in.
  2. Thanks! - This message is shown when you have successfully dropped a card.

  3. Go! Go!, Alright!, Wicked!, Yeehah!, Awesome!, WOW! - These messages are equivalent to THANKS, they are shown at various numbers of drops per day.
  4. Invalid- This message is shown when you have failed security check, this can happen by accident once in a while, however if this happens to you regularly, you must contact support.
  5. 300 per day- This message is what you get when you hit the 300 drops per day limit.
  6. 600 per IP- This message is what you get when the IP address you accessing from has dropped 600 cards in a day.
  7. Own Card!- This is what you get when you try and drop on your own card.
  8. No widget- This message indicates the Entrecard widget scanner does not believe this site has a widget. If you get this error while browsing, please send the URL of the site to phirate via PM.
  9. Deleted- This message indicates the Entrecard account for this widget has been deleted.
  10. Cooldown X hrs- This message indicates that you have triggered security countermeasures. You will not be allowed to drop a card again until the cooldown period has finished (the counter will continue to update). If you have not done anything that should have gained the attention of the security system, please contact phirate via PM urgently and we will arrange a security reset. It is likely hat you also received a Scripted Drop Penalty which removed credit from your account, this can be resolved as well.