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I'm Back!

After 33 hours of blogging hiatus, I am back here again to fuel up some life to this lousy blog of mine! I've missed you, guys! It's like death in slow motion without internet connection. Life has been too boring! I have been used to the task of dropping 600 cards daily and all that was shackled because of my connection which has been acting up frequently especially during rainy season.
I sometimes ask, what's with the rain? Why do internet cafes have connection and I don't have? What the heck, Smart Bro! You haven't been too smart enough to figure out the technical problem in my base station and resolve the matter in less than 24 hours. I remember in April I lost my connection for 5 agonizing days! Smart Bro deducted those days in my monthly bill, the regular monthly bill was PhP 999 and the succeeding month the bill amounted to only PhP 799. Only two hundred pesos worth of rebate. I am not happy. I spent more than 200 pesos in cafes for 5 days and I've lost ample amount of offered reviews.
Please bear with me as I unfurl my unending litany of complaints and whinings. Just let me cool down a bit. Inhale. Exhale. There! I have a lot of catching up to do especially for Entrecard droppers. I will return your drops as soon as I can. Also, I would like to thank my very special friend Twerlyn for making that post while I was away. I owe you one, Lermz!
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!