The Readers Poll


Let the Poll Begin!

The Readers Poll

I am pleased to announce that the Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration! got twenty five (25) official valid entries. The competition has found a new group of writers who were able to stylistically and creatively expressed themselves via the theme: Blog to the World; Blog for You and Me . They all have labored on the tedious tasks of following the contest rules and came up with such beautiful and interesting contest pieces. I commend the high level of quality work that each and every contestant has put in to this competition and I thank you for choosing to join. What contestants should take to heart is that we, the credible judges and the readers, altogether aim at recognizing and rewarding literary merit. 

Today the poll for the Readers Choice shall commence. Prior to the poll's kick off, the contestants were encouraged to submit their Acceptance Statements to abide by and comply with the contest rules.  The poll is a very legitimate one where all votes cast for the contestants shall be counted in their names; presenting an across the board appreciation of each contestant's entry for the Readers Poll. 

I am urging you to go and support your favorite storyteller. Let your votes be counted! To cast your vote, just click the banner and you are good to go! 

If you want some help on the poll procedure, you can visit H E R E.  

For participants to keep track of their scores, you can click H E R E

Good luck everyone! 

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